I want you to be (my Princess Peach)

by Horrible Fiction

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If you'll be my princess peach i'll rescue you from everything
if it's bowser i'll fight and push through anything
everyone around thinks there's no point in saving youuuu

but for a kiss on the cheek i'll be your number one
i'll do anything i can to get you back to mushroom kingdom
there's nothing out there that i would not do

i want you to be my princess peach
i want you to be my princess peach

every now and then things seem to get in my way
but I can jump on goombas and koopa troopas all day
for you I’ll throw a bob-omb at a lakitu

i can run and fly and swim and shoot fire out my hands
I can jump and ride a dinosaur but nobody understands
that i'd be nothing without you

so I could be your mario and you could be my peach
and i'll keep collecting coins no matter how far out my reach
we could have a pet and call him yoshi and teach him some tricks
there's no problem out there that together we cant fix
i will try my best to be the man of your dreams
we can make a great team just look at how great it seems
it seems better than anything and that is true
so just give me your heart so i can fall in love with you


released April 2, 2012



all rights reserved